2. united-nations:

    Looking for humanitarian updates about the emergency in Gaza? Here are some sites being updated with news, facts and figures on a regular basis:

    UNRWA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/

    UNRWA on the web, including situation reports and information on how you can help: http://www.unrwa.org/

    UN News Centre with reports, resolutions and statements: http://www.un.org/apps/

    UN ReliefWeb with response plans, maps and more: http://reliefweb.int/

    Information is also available in Arabic:
    الوضع الطارئ في غزة: http://www.unrwa.org/ar/gaza-emergencyid=1145

    الوضع الطارئ في سوريا: http://www.unrwa.org/atemplate.php?id=1146

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  5. "I must remind you that starving a child is violence. Suppressing a culture is violence. Neglecting school children is violence. Punishing a mother and her family is violence. Discrimination against a working man is violence. Ghetto housing is violence. Ignoring medical need is violence. Contempt for poverty is violence."
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  6. Respect to Simon Jenkins though.

  7. thehunnybuzz:

    Is this the new normal? #AH5017 #MH17 #MH370

  8. effyeahnerdfighters:

    Towering Mountains of Ignorance

    This was a somewhat challenging topic to take on in four minutes, so here’s a little more explanation. 

    I’m not saying that we don’t know things…we know lots of things. But particularly when it comes to social and cultural and economic stuff, we really don’t. It’s so hard to run experiments on the real world, that we tend to do the studies and then no one changes their mind and everyone explains the data in a different way. 

    But you can run the “Harry Potter” experiment again with different inputs because “Harry Potter” can only happen once. 

    Of course, there are people who are much better at guessing than other people because they know much more about the situations. People who understand, at least, what is and is not possible (which is an excellent place to start if you’re trying to, say, create an independent Palestinian state.) 

    Same goes for running a business…you will never take the most successful course, because there are infinite courses and only one maximum one. But some people are very good at finding good courses because they understand their customers and their markets and their employees and have fairly accurate constructions of reality as it relates to their business. 

    But the idea that it is the responsibility of every person to have an opinion on everything that matters…and then cling to that opinion as an important part of their identity, sucks. I don’t like it. 

    I would rather we discuss these things in terms of values, which is really where our opinions tend to arise from anyhow. So when asked “how do we create more jobs in America” we don’t really try to answer that question. We try to answer the question “How do we create more jobs in America while promoting our own personal values?” 

    For things like “How do you end a war” or “How do you feed hungry people” or “How do you eliminate poverty?” I’m going to admit straight up that I don’t know…and defer to the experts because they know a heck of a lot more than me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. So, yay, I DON’T KNOW!!!

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  10. I despise western media at the moment, and, frankly, all those who are ignorant enough to believe it.


    - My country has given evidence of Ukrainian involvement in the MH17 catastrophe, while those accusing it have refused to do so, but the media conveniently ignores this fact.

    - They keep talking about innocent deaths, which are, undisputedly, tragic, but civilians have been dying in Ukraine for months now, and for some reason nobody got heated up about their deaths.

  11. Summer weekends :3

  12. antag0nistic:

    This makes me so sad. I don’t know what is going on up in the skies but I hope it doesn’t last any longer. #MH370 #MH17 #GE222 #AH5017

  13. allaboutboys1996:

    For all who thought they will have a nice holiday.
    For all those innocent kids who thougt they will have the time of their lives.
    For all those families who have lost their mother, father, grandparents and childrens.
    For all the friends.
    For all the pets who will miss them owner.
    For all who’s died by fly MH17.

    Rest in peace.

  15. Old Iranian playing card. 

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