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  2. You know you are getting nervous when you buy 5 different packs of pens, each containing at least 4 in different colours.

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    Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning Colombian novelist, died today. He was 87. http://powells.us/1qQFL4r

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    this is weird i like it a lot

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    Huxley vs. Orwell

    the darkest part of this comic is the realization that they were both right

    …i think i need to read brave new world now

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    This is very true.

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    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently visited war-torn Central African Republic, where the security situation is deteriorating and human rights abuses continue.

    "My first message is to the people of the country: You are not alone. The United Nations is honoured to be by your side," he said.

    On Thursday the UN Security Council established a peacekeeping mission in the country which, as of September, will comprise of up to 10,000 military personnel. Find out more in this video.

    Share these images to help draw the world’s attention to the crisis.

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    What Boys Look For in Girls

    We all want to be appreciated…but initial attraction isn’t really based in reality. There’s a really huge audience of very young women on YouTube, and I’m really worried about them basing their self-worth on whether they appeal to guys. That seems to be how the world is set up. I’m a dude, of course, so I’m basing this on what I’ve seen on YouTube and IRL, but I don’t think I’m crazy.

    I should have said in the video…this isn’t meant to be relationship advice. There are lots of good people out there with whom to have relationships, but what they’re “looking for” doesn’t necessarily correspond with what they actually want or need. That “love at first sight” moment is pretty much the least interesting moment of a relationship (despite being one of the most exciting.)

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     Ivan Konstantinovic Ajvazovskij

    Tra le onde

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