1. I’ve already donated practically my whole salary to causes but I still feel so useless, I want to be out there, doing something to stop all this ridiculous violence, or to at least hell the people affected - but how the fuck can I do that!?


  2. "Four out of every five Palestinians killed during Israel’s ongoing military offensive in Gaza have been civilians, including dozens of women and children, the United Nations said on Monday."

  3. profound-dreams:

    The older I get, the less sense the world makes.

  4. theworldstandswithpalestine:

    Melbourne protest for Gaza, July 19. 2014.


  5. "Last night just before 9pm, they sent us a warning over the phone that ‘We will bomb the hospital, so you need to evacuate. We insisted that we cannot leave the hospital. Our patients are, all of them, paralyzed, they’re unconscious. They’re unable to move, so we need to stay in this hospital…

    But just few minutes after the call, shells start falling down on the hospital — the fourth floor, third floor, second floor. Smoke, fire, dust all over."
    —  Basman Alashi, executive director of Al-Wafa Hospital, the only rehabilitation hospital in Gaza and the West Bank. (via thepeoplesrecord)
  6. standwithpalestine:

    It’s actually bigger than huge.


  7. Articles about conflict, hunger and destruction just fuel my longing to go into the field of humanitarian aid, it physically pains me to read about all this suffering in the world


  8. Here is a way to help, even if it’s just a tad


  9. Why do we always resort to fucking killing, sometimes I want to punch humanity in the face for repeating history so many times for fucks sake 


  10. Reading the news is becoming more terrrifying each day


  11. "Blaming Hamas for firing rockets at Israel is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist."
    — Kathlyn Gadd (via x-cessive-bastard)

  12. "If you don’t speak against this genocide, you are complicit in it."
    — Walaa Al Ghussien, Palestine resident. (via mysharona1987)
  13. inothernews:

    It begins.


  14. I get so mad when innocent people die because of conflicts, it only fuels my desire to get out there and do something to help, and then I get frustrated because I have no idea how

  15. rogers-and-stark:

    Ukrainian people brought flowers and candles in memory of those who was killed by pro-russian separatists in the Malaysian aircraft to the embassy of Netherlands in Kiev.