Online game to end hunger RUSSIAN RAMBLINGS
  1. "The Suffragettes"
    A brilliant documentary, that every women should watch


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    Suffragettes (or more correctly suffragists) in sarees. Very high necked blouses and the brooch that seems to have been common in this period-wonder if the brooches are in suffragette colours.  

    One of the women is possibly Sophia Duleep Singh.  

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    Next Friday is United Nations, marking the UN’s 69th birthday. This week we are celebrating the many ways that the UN makes a difference all over the world – including by protecting people in emergencies.

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  5. Lots of people tell me that they don’t believe that “internet” or “long-distance” friends are real friends.

    I disagree. Friends are friends no matter what.

    Friends are people that are there for you when no one else is, that understand and love you for who you are, no matter where they live.

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    SOVIET UNION. Moscow. 1966.

    Eve Arnold

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    Вид на Москву из ресторана гостиницы «Пекин», 1956 г.

    View of Moscow from the hotel restaurant “Beijing”, 1956.

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  11. "Sometimes I wanna scream. Scream of pure impotence, of frustration, or just because I want to be me in a world that wouldn´t accept me just the way I am. Scream of hurt, because I can´t cope with this situation anymore. Scream to tell the world how I feel. Just scream to feel free for an instant."
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  12. my high tolerance for shitty people needs to start coming to an end.

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  15. I have one thing to say to all the girls out there - sleep with whoever the fuck you want, it’s your right, but don’t make the mistake of telling the wrong person.